Lux is a full service beauty bar located in the Govans area of Baltimore County. Our team is dedicated to provide the highest quality service with the best quality products.

The Lux hair brand seeks to address the hair needs of women in America with an authentic, versatile and reliable hair product that is sustainably sourced.
Our hair products are authentic unprocessed human hair, this ensures the life span of our products and their reusablility factor.
A woman's hair is her crown and Lux Hair products are allow every woman to invest in their crown, their beauty, their light.

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Lash Services

Classic. Hybrid. Volume.

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Brow Services

The perfect set of natural brows make a statement and infuse your expression with vitality and fresh energy. When brows are shaped with complete care and precision, they heighten your natural beauty.

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Lash Services

Take your lashes to new heights with our professional eyelash lift on the Gold Coast. We work with what you already have to give you a long-lasting, safe and natural curve to even the most stubborn straight lashes.

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The high demand gives opportunities for lash artists to grow in the industry. Lash artists have an advantageous position in the ever-growing beauty industry.

Practice Makes Perfect and Symmetry is Everything!! The two phrases Lux Microblading educators and students live by