<p>Reports show that <a href="https://www.soocial.com/hair-extension-statistics/">34% of women say</a> that their hair extensions are a part of their beauty routine. Many people rely on human hair extensions to help their hair look better.</p>
<p>Some people use extensions because they have suffered hair loss or have thin hair. While others use extensions to simply improve the appearance of their hair.</p>
<p>No matter why you use hair extensions, this is a very useful product to have. There are all <a href="https://www.femina.in/beauty/hair/hair-extensions-and-what-you-need-to-know-about-them-126179.html">kinds of hair extensions</a> that you have to choose from as well.</p>
<p>This includes options like virgin hair and raw Indian hair extensions as well as many others. Keep reading to find out what are the differences between virgin and raw hair extensions.</p>
<h2>What Is Raw Hair?</h2>
<p>Raw hair is hair that has never been processed or treated before being sold. The finished hair extensions that you receive are in their purest form.</p>
<p>This type of hair is also collected from one hair donor, so it is going to be the same hair. Because of this, the hair is going to have the same texture and appearance.</p>
<p>Raw hair has not been chemically processed or has had any heat treatments. The real texture is still there and has a much more natural look and feel than virgin hair.</p>
<p>Many people use raw human hair extensions because it looks so natural. Raw hairs are coarser than virgin hairs and tend to blend into your hair much better.</p>
<p>With raw hair, you have three options, straight, wavy, and curly hair options. There aren't as many options as you have with virgin hair, as it can often take on many different textures.</p>
<h2>What Is Virgin Hair?</h2>
<p>Virgin hair is similar to raw hair as it has not been chemically processed before being sold. It also comes from a single hair donor in most cases, if possible.</p>
<p>Virgin hair can also be steam processed, which allows for different textures in the hair. Many people may do this to achieve wavy, curly, or other textured types of hair.</p>
<p>As far as human hair extensions go, virgin hair is the most popular option. Mostly because you have the ability to treat these extensions exactly like you would your own hair.</p>
<p>Virgin hair can be cut, bleached, dyed, and treated like you would any other kind of hair. One thing you should be aware of, however, is that not all virgin hair comes from one donor.</p>
<p>This can be difficult to do, which is why some sellers may not be able to offer the same donor virgin extensions.</p>
<h2>What Kind of Raw Hair Is There?</h2>
<p>If you're interested in buying raw Indian hair instead of processed hair extensions, you have some options. There are a few different varieties when buying raw hair.</p>
<p>In general, <a href="https://luxhairlash.com/collections/raw-indian-hair-extensions">raw Indian hair</a> is the most popular choice as it offers the best colors for blending. These are often lighter brown colors that are great options for blending into your natural hair.</p>
<p>Raw Vietnamese hair is also popular as it has a straight and silky texture. This is optimal for those with naturally straight hair as it can blend in perfectly.</p>
<p>Raw Cambodian hair extensions are the other option that you have that is also popular. These hair extensions often offer more volume and have curlier textures.</p>
<p>These are great options for those with naturally curly hair. Though you should keep in mind that sellers may label raw hair even if they don't come from these areas.</p>
<p>Just because some extensions are labeled as being Cambodian, this may not be accurate. This is why you should source your raw hair extensions from reliable sellers.</p>
<h2>Is Raw Hair Better Than Virgin Hair?</h2>
<p>If you are trying to decide between raw hair or virgin hair, this can be difficult. Both are great options and can really help your hair to look and feel its best.</p>
<p>Which option you go with will depend on what you are wanting. Raw hair is generally considered to be the best option as it provides the highest quality.</p>
<p>Raw hair also lasts longer as it has not been damaged like processed hair extensions have. Though this also limits how the hair can look as it hasn't been treated.</p>
<p>Raw hair is a bit more expensive and is going to require a greater investment. You will also need to be careful not to buy virgin hair if you are looking for raw hair.</p>
<p>Virgin hair extensions are great if you want natural hair extensions that are customizable. These extensions are heat treated and can be played around with quite a lot.</p>
<p>If you want a natural look, raw hair is going to give this to you. You will be getting a natural hair texture and appearance.</p>
<p>With virgin hair, it can be treated to look the way you want it to look. So if you want more options, virgin hair is going to give you these options.</p>
<h2>Raw Indian Hair Compared to Virgin Hair</h2>
<p>If you're interested in hair extensions, you may have heard of raw Indian hair. This is a very popular type of human hair extension that comes in its rawest form.</p>
<p>If you are new to hair extensions, this may seem very confusing to you. Especially when it comes to the differences between virgin and raw hair.</p>
<p>But once you understand what types of extensions these are, it will not seem so difficult to grasp.</p>
<p>Do you want to purchase high-quality hair extensions for your hair? <a href="https://luxhairlash.com/collections/raw-indian-hair-extensions">Contact us today</a> at Lux Hair &amp; Lash to see some of the best options in raw Indian hair extensions.</p>

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