Although microblading is one of the most relevant beauty trends, it has really only become mainstream in the last few years. Celebrities like Bella Thorne, Blac China and Mandy Moore have had microblading servics, and have been assisting in really bringing it to the forefront of the known beauty services. While people have been using permanent makeup and cosmetic tattooing to enhance their appearance for decades, any new beauty trend is bound to bring up questions. Microblading has been extremely popular and relatively common in areas like Russia, Vietnam and Japan.

Microblading is actually a tattoo!! WOW... I KNOW RIGHT! The only difference is that microblading strokes do not go as deep into the skin as tattoos. This is what makes the semi-permante. To maintain the brows, clients come in every 1.5 years for a brow touch up.


Using a small hand tool or rotary machine and specialized ink, fine hair like strokes are placed into the skin replicating the look of actual hair. The strokes are often drawn (placed) in a pattern that matches the client natural hair growth pattern. 

As the skin heals it absorbes the ink and retains the hair stroke in the skin. 

A good microblading artist will sanitize the skin, map out the eyebrows for symmetry and allow you to see the final mapped brows prior to starting the actual microblading. The finished results should create a fuller more defined eyebrow. The strokes should seamlessly blend with the natural hair, as should the color. This creates a natural, yet defined eyebrow.

Microblading typically lasts for 1.5 years before needing a touch-up.

Other names for microblading are: Semi-permante brows, Eyebrow Embroidery, Tattoo brows, Hair stroke brows.

Microshading is the evolution of the Microblading technique. The concept and application process are similar however the final product is what differs. 

Microshading creates a  "make-up" style brow. This is not a natural looking brow, but shading techniques can be used to create a gradual color changes. Hence the, ombre brow! Where the eyebrow color gradually gets darker as you travel towards the tail of the eyebrow. 

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