Everyone wants lashes, everybody does lashes and everyone has a different opinion. 🙄  These are somethings to know when in search of a lash artist 🎨. 

THERE ARE MANY DIFFERENT TYPES OF "LASH EXTENSIONS." Some are temporary and some are semi-permante. However, professional individual lash extensions are a tedious and detailed service application and can have dangerous consequences for you as a client if not applied correctly. Which is why you need to know how to choose your lash technician...!!!

Individual "mink" lash extensions are just that. A single lash extension; often made of mink, silk, or a silk blend fiber, is applied to each healthy natural eyelash. The extensions create length, lash definition and create fullness. The lashes are bonded to each natural lash with a professional and specifically formulated glue,  that when dried is waterproof and extremely long lasting. 

Women and men prefer this type of lash extension application because it is seamless when applied properly and truly assist in minimizing the daily "getting ready" routine. Sweating, swimming and life in general won't mess up your lashes. You get to maintain a finished ready look, daily and effortlessly! 

Individual lashes range in style types: classic set, hybrid set, volume set and Russian Volume set. From beginning to end (classic - Russian Volume) these sets go from natural to full glam. With the classic set being most natural looking in appearance. The length of the set is usually (and should always be) the choice of the client. Lash lengths range from 5mm - 30mm. Most professional lash artist do not use lashes longer than 17mm, unless creating wispy styles. Lashes range in thickness from .02mm - .20mm. Professional artist will never use extensions thicker than .15 on a natural lash.

Lashes extensions that are to heavy for the natural lash will cause the natural lash to fall out, often times if the trauma is repeated the natural lash will fall out permanently. 


1. Cheaper does not mean better, it actually usually means worse in the case of lash extensions. Quality products are not cheap and detailed lash techs charge for their time, care, skill & products.

2. Keep in mind this is a Luxury service. You get what you pay for.

3. 90% of nail salons advertising lash extensions are NOT doing the individual lashes we are discussing here. 

4. Expect to pay between $100 - $175 for your first regular price full CLASSIC LASH set. Between $65 - $100 for your fill-in. Hybrid sets usually start around $150, volume sets at $200 and Russian Volume sets beginning at an average if $275. Prices really do depend on location. For example an average price for a classic set in L.A, California is $200, in Baltimore it's $100.

6. You will probably have to pay a deposit to book.

7. Don't always go for the first option Google gives you, these are sometimes paid ads.

8. AVIOD chain lash bars, the service isn't customized, options are often very limited regarding styling, color, length, etc. TECHS ARE NOT PAID WELL AND IT REFLECTS IN THE SERVICE.

9. DONT LET PHOTOS FOOL YOU. Pictures can be edited and altered. Check Google reviews. And look for pictures at different angles. IF A TECHNICIAN ONLY SHOWS WORK AT ONE ANGLE IT COULD BE BECAUSE THATS THE ONLY SIDE THAT LOOKS GOOD!! 

10. Don't be afraid to go 15-20 minutes away for good service. Closer isn't always better either. 

11. Never ask your cheap friend 😫


1. Let you know exactly what type of set your natural lashes can maintain without damage. 

2. Clean your lashes prior to every service, no exceptions. 

3. Have excellent isolation and placement skills. If the lash extensions dry stuck together it will pull out your natural lashes as they grow out.

4. Remove outgrown lashes during every appointment. 

5. Let you know if you need to increase your lash cleaning routine at home.

6. Be timely and efficient. 

7. Good lash retention. If you need a fill-in less then two weeks after your last appointment, you need a better tech.


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