So, your thinking of making your first investment into the luxurious world of Raw Indian Hair extensions. WELCOME,  WE ARE GLAD TO HAVE YOU!!

Now that you've moved to the other side, here are some facts to we aware of when purchasing raw Indian Hair extensions:


1. Bundles often come in multiple shades of brown. This is because the hair is unprocessed which also means it has not been dyed for strand color blending purposes. 

2. Raw Indian Hair only come in two curl patterns. Natural Wave, which makes up about 90% of the market and Natural Curl. The natural curl texture is a soft curl with a medium grade size curl. As the natural curl extensions get longer in length the curl begins to stretch and does appear less curly. This type makes up 10% of the market. 

3. The natural wave texture is smother and has more silky appearance compared to the natural curl.

4. Quality Indian Hair extensions typically consist of hair from one donor, this is to ensure cuticle alignment and consistency in curl and color.

5. Raw Indian Hair extensions can be steam curled to create different curl patterns, however, if any chemicals are used in the process the hair is no longer "raw" hair. 

Our hair is steam curled with pH balanced water to ensure moisture retention. 

6. Raw Indian Hair is hair that has been sourced solely from Indian. The hair is 100% unprocessed. No chemicals, no dye, no processing. 

7. Raw Indian Hair can be bleached. This quality hair can take processing up to 10 levels. This does impact the overall integrity of the hair and the wear and use time of the hair extensions. 

8. LUX HAIR EXTENSIONS last up to 2 years with proper care. 

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